You Can’t Beat A Good Leather Case!!

Whenever myself and friends used to buy a new Leica M the first thing we did was order a good half case and strap for it. It’s an essential piece of kit which can help you shoot better (if the strap is adjusted correctly) and most importantly it will protect an expensive asset from unnecessary damage. There are now a plethora of offerings of varying quality from all over the world and from within every price braceket but for us an email still always goes straight to Luigi Crescenzi of LeicaTime who’s cases are always expensive but with good reason as they are generally regarded as the best of the best. (Click any image to view a larger version)


Nowadays, your email will need to be sent to his charming daughter, Ginevra, but it will be met with equal enthusiasm and a lot better English! With my new FujiFilm X100 bedding in nicely that email whizzed it’s way to Roma, Italy late last night and at 11.30pm Ginevra was still kindly helping me decide which case to order. Hopefully the result of that conversation will arrive this week and when it does I’ll post a detailed photographic review in case anyone else is about to pimp their X100!

Image Credit: LeicaTime