Tudor 79170 Big Block On Custom Leather Zulu

There are only a few watches that I wear on leather straps as I tend to prefer bracelets. Recently I asked Mel at DB10 Straps to make me a custom Zulu strap made from dark chocolate bridle leather. I sent him a black 20mm Zulu strap that I had in the drawer and asked him to remove the hardware and re-use them on the custom strap but to build in two leather keepers instead of using the metal ones from the strap he received from me. He did a fantastic job but I decided it didn’t quite function as well as I’d hoped with the Gilt 5513 for which it was intended. A few weeks later I decided to try it on my Tudor 79170 Big Block, however and this time it absolutely rocked!

Custom DB10 Zulu Strap On Tudor Big Block 79170

The strap loops through the first lug, down under the watch head and back up through the opposite lug and holds the watch very comfortably on the wrist. The small but rock solid Zulu buckle is nice and subtle and not noticed whilst wearing.

Custom DB10 Zulu Strap

In my humble opinion, this strap suits the Big Block down to the ground and I’ve worn it on nothing else since!! A big “thanks!” to Mel for another great strap!!