Solid Design SLIM WALLET Bog Oak Mod


After a few days use my one little gripe with the SLIM wallet was not having a front plate. I’m not keen on the idea of having my credit card details on show beneath the elastic band so I decided to create a front plate myself from wood. I ordered in a small piece of Bog Oak veneer, about 2.5mm thick. (After sanding it’s about 1.7mm thick now) Amazingly, this piece of wood had been dated to 3300 BC! The piece I chose was virtually black and looked fantastic when it arrived. I cut out the shape, sanded it for what felt like a very long time but I wanted to get the plate to a silky smooth finish. Finally I oiled it and was just blown away at how nice it looked. The image above does it no justice at all. It has a warm tinge of brown in an otherwise jet black grain. The grain doesn’t even show in the picture but in real life it does and the surface is a satin/matte finish. That piece of Bog Oak cost me all of £5.80 ($9) and I could get two more plates of it. (and no, I won’t make any more and sell them before someone asks :-)). So, if you’re half handy and own a small saw and some sandpaper, order yourself the veneer of your choice and upgrade your SLIM wallet to a whole new level!