Solid Design SLIM Minimalist Wallet


Am I a minimalist? In some ways yes, some ways no. I like my gadgets, love my watches but I’ve always spent a lot of time travelling so keeping things to a minimum has been vitally important for me. That said, I carry a shoulder bag as my every day carry and it’s veritably packed with stuff that most others wouldn’t carry. Either way, a while back my wallet started annoying me. It was a Filson Leather Outfitter Wallet, made from the best bridle leather, solid as they come and looked better with ever year. The only problem with this very traditional type of wallet was as it filled with credit cards, licenses and cash, it added a third cheek to my already expanding buttocks… Time for a re-think, I thought… After much research and one failed purchase I settled on the Solid Design SLIM wallet in stone washed titanium and I’m very glad I did because it’s exactly what I was looking for. Literally the size of a credit card (or business card) it’s an extremely simple design with metal back and three sides and an elastic band across the front to hold the cards in place. It will comfortably hold six credit cards and a few folded bank notes. I keep three cards, two licenses, 10 business cards and a couple of folded notes in mine. The business cards protrude a tad over the sides of the wallet but to no avail and everything stays in place quite nicely. The only annoyance is occasionally the sharp corners of business cards can snag a thread of the elastic band but I’ve learnt how to insert them so as to generally avoid the issue. The wallet is also available in black anodised or brass. I personally went with Stone-washed Titanium as I figured it would be the lightest and also, being as it already has a used look from new it would pretty much stay that way for it’s lifetime and I liked the look a lot. As with most of these minimalist wallets, the SLIM began life as a Kickstarter project but is now being sold here. I contemplated the HuMn wallet for a while. This was the most popular wallet to ever be funded on Kickstarter and it’s popularity has continued ever since. What put me off were several reviews where cards and contents had dropped out of the bottom, since there are no sides to that design. I figured that might eventually annoy me and no-one can afford to lose a credit card in the street these days, so the Solid Design SLIM won the day. I’d give this wallet a solid five stars. The elastic band will wear out eventually but the main case design means replacing it will be easy enough so no worries. Big thumbs up from me and my (now two again) buttocks.
As a final note, Slim Wallet Junkie was a pleasure to deal with and had the wallet with me a couple of days after placing the order, which was much appreciated!