SNOOD! FujiFilm X30 (With B&W 10 Diopter Lens) – Sapphire & Diamond Ring Challenge

FujiFilm X30 (With B&W 10 Diopter Lens) – Sapphire & Diamond Ring Challenge

If you have a ring like this in the family then take out your compact camera and you’ll see what I mean about this being a tough model! I probably put 200 actuations on my poor X30 getting this shot and the last couple when with my D300S I’d have accomplished the same in 20 actuations, I believe. Either way, whilst not perfect, I’m starting to enjoy the images flowing from my X30. This challenge made me laugh! Why? Well, a photographer from Belgium suggested this on one of the forums I sometimes frequent:

“Just an idea…
try throwing some light through the ring from the back using
a gridded snoot for transparency and a main light source from
the front… this may be shot over a black black BG of empty
space instead of material (inverse square law)!”

Gridded snoot? OK, I know what one is but I’m at home in my bungalow in Surrey and using my conservatory as a “studio”. “Snoot”? I looked around the house (after all, this is the point of this challenge! Compact camera and rudimentary kit..) and found the attachment my wife uses on the hoover for cleaning our sofas. Next i needed a grid surface that would allow light through? Hmm.. Hang on! The back of my wife’s hairdryer comes off! And those were the ingredients for this shot. One of my cheap Chinese photo lights turned upside down, my wife’s hairdryer back sat on the bulb and a black piece of cloth hung from the window in the background. Perfect? No! Decent shot? Well, I like it!