Fuji X100 Lens Hood Cap Solution & Leather Keeper

I mean this with no disrespect to those who suffer from autism. My wife works with children with special needs and has done for the last goodness knows how many years, so I have a healthy respect for both her profession and the children she works to help. One day, however, I was helping out at church. We were having a shared meal after the service and I was helping to lay the tables. As per usual I laid everything just so and mm perfect. One of the ladies commented on how nice the tables looked and labelled me as “artistic”. My wife overheard that conversation and changed that label to “autistic”. She’s probably right. I do strange things like line my shoes up so they sit exactly side by side. Certain things need to be in place before I’ll sleep. OK, it’s mild autism but it’s autism never-the-less.

I’m the same with my cameras. Whilst I use my cameras as tools to get a job done, I like them to look and feel “just so”. As a result, when I bought my Luigi half case and the Footprint strap for my Fuji X100 there was one thing that was still bothering me: the lens cap. First off I came up with the solution of a metal screw-in cap which screwed into the filter. That worked well as the cap sat just inside the end of the lens hood and didn’t add any length to it whilst still offering good protection when in my bag. The only problem was, as many on the forums had suggested, it was a wee bit fiddly, particularly with the keeper thread in place and took a few more seconds than I’d like to remove and replace. One forum member had used a 58mm cap straight into the lens hood which worked but did add length and bulk to the set-up, something which I didn’t want.

I then had the idea of using a standard 52mm squeeze cap (to fit into the filter, rather than the lens hood) made from plastic and whilst that worked perfectly, it was “butt ugly”. Sooo, what to do? Well, I ordered the Gariz lens cap keeper in dark brown. I figured that covering 50% of the plastic cover might help with the aesthetics and for $10 why not? Well, two problems:

  • Firstly, Gariz have two “browns”. One is actually Burgundy and the other is, indeed, dark brown. Unfortunately, they’re both called “brown” and invariably you’ll receive “burgundy”..
  • Finally, the only Gariz solution available for this kind of lens cap is for the Sony NEX 18-55mm lens which is 49mm and doesn’t fit..blah..

OK, having ordered and sent back the lot, the only solution was to make my own.. Enter old, knackered shoe..


Add a template from standard A4 paper, a pair of scissors, some boot polish, a lighter and some of this:


and we finally end up with this:



OK, the leather piece serves no purpose what-so-ever except to make everything match and look pretty but hey, I like it and my autism is now at bay..

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