Omega Seamaster 120 “Baby PloProf” On OEM Vintage Flightmaster Bracelet


Well, this has become a more seldom occasion! Finally a picture of a new watch in 2013! This is not my first “NOS” Omega SM120 and ever since selling my first one I’ve hankered after another. I actually prefer the new builds as you get genuine and original Omega parts that are fresh and new and actually work as intended. In other words, the lume shines brightly, the bezel is nice and tight and they’re waterproof and dive ready. They represent one of the few opportunities to step back in time and buy a brand new 1970s Omega dive watch and to me that’s rather exciting. Mostly these get worn on Isofrane rubber straps or mesh bracelets but they were also sold with an 1172 Flightmaster bracelet as an option. You don’t often see them on this bracelet but they really do give the watch a slightly more modern feel whilst still maintaining that retro look. If you’re thinking of acquiring such a bracelet try to get a proper vintage one, though. The new OEM replacement versions are light, rattly, fragile feeling affairs whilst the older vintage ones, like the one above, are much heavier and a bit more solid.