Nikon EL-NIKKOR 50mm f/2.8 N Enlarger Lens

Nikon EL-NIKKOR 50mm f/2.8 N Enlarger Lens For Macro

Sometimes the lenses are as stunning as the images they can produce.. This is the Nikon EL-NIKKOR f/2.8 N enlarger lens. It’s M39 mount with a 40.5mm filter thread and nowadays it’s revered by extreme macro photographers. This lens significantly upgraded it’s previous version and was launched in 1979. I’m about to begin testing this lens but this from “With improved resolution at the edges of the image and less reduction in light intensity, both of which were due to the new optical system, this model represented a considerable improvement. The new version lacks the scalloped aperture barrel of the older model and has a partly plastic barrel. With the adoption of multi-coating, it also produced clearer, higher-contrast images. From talking with other extreme macro photographers, both the original El-Nikkor 50 mm f/2.8 and the newer El-Nikkor 50 mm f/2.8N in fact produce fine images although the latter gives the punchier image in terms of contrast.”