23-59.NET – New Store Site

If you’re single and have a passion for watches, the only thing that can hold you back is your bank account. You see a watch, fall in love with it and buy it! Simples! If, however, like me, you have a wife and children, you’ll have learnt early on the Oxford dictionary meaning of the word “compromise”..


Now, I’ve never really been the collecting type. I’ve tried it but it doesn’t really do it for me. I enjoy the research and the chase but once the watch has arrived with me the novelty wears off fairly quickly. Part of the reason for this is if I own say ten watches, I’ll have one clear favourite and that one will be worn 99.9% of the time. The other nine will just sit in a box in my drawer until one day I decide to sell them. So, a while back I bit the bullet and went down to a single watch and that suited me perfectly except for one area.. photography. My favourite genre is macro photography and my favourite subject is watches. That becomes difficult if you only own one watch. Sooo, what to do, I pondered? Then an idea hit me and I chatted it over with my wife. We’ve agreed that I can purchase as many watches as I like as long as I simply photograph them, play with them for a couple of weeks, maybe do a write-up or two and then put them straight back up for sale. Result!

This plan suits me down to the ground as I’d like to make THIRTYFIVEMILL into a real haven for those who are searching for half-decent images of various watches and now I can buy and photograph watches that I probably wouldn’t have otherwise owned. I’d like to bring in some unusual watches, brands you don’t often hear much about. I’m particularly looking for watches from the 60s and 70s with a leaning towards divers, pilots and world timers and chronographs.

If you’re a regular reader of this blog you’ll also know I prefer my watches to be in as close to mint or NOS condition as possible, not just because I’m a fussy so and so but also because I want to try to show what these watches would have looked like back in the day if you walked into a shop and asked to peruse their latest and greatest.

Up until now my For Sale section has always been fairly sparse. I’ve sold the odd watch in there but they’ve been few and far between. This new project will change that quite dramatically, I suspect. There should be a fairly steady flow of interesting watches being put up for sale there. My philosophy will be to cover costs. I’m not looking to open a shop or make a business from watches, simply to cover the costs of buying, shipping, servicing (when needed) etc..

The big change is that I’ve decided to list all watches for sale at a new site that I’ve built. The main reason for this is that none of the available “store” software worked very well with all the other plugins I have running on 35mm. I also thought it would be keep things tidy and simple and not cause 35mm to become sluggish and slow. The new site can be accessed by clicking the “23-59 STORE” link in the main navigation menu above. I hope it proves popular with the readers and that it sometimes provides a few bargains and some very interesting watches.