My Wife & Her Watch

My wife is not really into watches. In fact, she really doesn’t appreciate them in any way, shape or form. That said, I do appreciate her and she deserves to wear a watch that defines her beauty, both inward and outward. She never wears gold. I have an 18k Datejust but not my wife; she simply wouldn’t wear it. Yellow gold is too flash for her and for the most part I agree with her. Her main goal in life is to bring up our son to be a well balanced, positive and happy individual and to be a great wife, both of which she does with great aplomb. Make-up is really not required for my wife; she just wakes up looking beautiful and as she slowly makes her way to the bathroom I try to watch her as it’s a wonderful way to wake up in the morning. Last Christmas I bought her a Rolex, not because she wanted one but simply because this particular watch seemed to embody all that she is: gorgeous, uncomplicated and pretty cool. Don’t tell her I said so, though, it’ll ruin my street cred.

My Wife's Rolex