L-Bracket For FujiFilm X30 – No ‘Really Right Stuff’? Really No Problem!


FujiFilm X100 series users wanting a solid L-Bracket and grip have, since it’s inception, had the luxury of Really Right Stuff’s (rather expensive) BX100 system. So when I recently purchased an X30 I fully expected RRS to have produced a similar bracket, even if it did cost more than the camera.. Like many X30 owners before me I was dismayed to find that none was available. The lack of grip was fairly inconsequential, given that the X30 already has decent grip built into the body but I really did want a good L-bracket.


After a great deal of searching and ploughing through various Chinese sites, none of which I understood a word of, I quite by accident stumbled upon the MPU105 L Bracket Quick Release Plate, a Chinese made universal. It looked like it should do the job and for $8 shipped I took a punt.


I have to say, it’s absolutely superb. Apart from the lack of grip, as mentioned above, this is a quality L-Bracket of the exact same ilk as the $190 X100 RRS bracket. The upright can be detached, providing you with just a very stable base plate. If you’re using a Gariz half case, as I am, the height of the upright is spot on, allowing the upright to sit tight up against the case side, the tip of the upright just meeting the strap grommets. Without the case you’d simply adjust it a little further out from the camera side and the upright tip should sit fairly flush with the top of the X30. For $8 shipped I can’t recommend this bracket more. So much so, that if RRS ever produced a bracket/grip for the X30, I would have absolutely no need for it.