If You Go Down To The Woods Today..

My wife, my son and myself went for a long stroll in the woods this morning and as is now always the case the X100 was thrown across my shoulder with great gusto!! The woods can be a great place to shoot but also quite a difficult one and the percentage of keeper shots is is always down in single figures. That said, during a day that so far has been incredibly dull and grey we were blessed with a few rays of sunshine during our sixty minute ramble. I think the below shot (click to enlarge) is probably my pick of the bunch so far, though it’s also the only one I’ve thus far processed so that could have a lot to do with it.. Shutter speed set to auto, ISO200, film = Velvia and f2. There’s a little processing gone in to this one: very light crop (maybe 2% literally), 10% sharpening, graduated ND filter applied, slight softening, red +2, green -1, blue +1 (faded to 52%), 5% unsharp mask.


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