How To Size An Omega Mesh Bracelet

Omega Mesh

Original Omega Mesh are some of my absolute favourite watch bracelets. With their flat sided, brushed links and solid seat-belt type clasp they are also some of the most comfortable and on watches with shrouded lugs they look stunning! The only downside, in fact, is sizing them. The mesh links are not removable, unlike oyster bracelet links which are held in place via screw pins or push pins. Now if you’re like me, one thing that can really bug you is not being able to get the clasp of a bracelet centred correctly. Firstly it looks daft and secondly (and more importantly) the watch head will not stay centred on the top of your wrist if the clasp is not centred on the underside. Get the clasp right and the watch head will sit exactly where you want it which is smack in the middle of the wrist. Here’s how to do it!