Heuer Autavia GMT 11630 On Correct Locking Dive Bracelet

Right, first watch post of the year!! I purchased this bracelet last year but I’ve been unable to use it before today as the spring bars that hold the links together were shot and needed replacing. That now done the end links have been correctly adjusted and it’s sitting proudly on the watch, now making this the full set as this is the bracelet that was sold with the 11630 GMT way back in the late seventies when they were new. There are few watches with such amazing presence, beautifully intricate dial and hands and colour combinations just bring a smile to your face whenever you check the time. This isn’t a status watch. If you want that you buy a Rolex or Patek. Very few people will recognise a vintage Heuer on your wrist but those who do will recognise a true connoisseur of horological goodness(!) and those that don’t will often still offer you a quick: “What a gorgeous watch!!” And of course, they’re right!!


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