Gitzo G1098 Basalt Tripod + Really Right Stuff BH-30 Ball Head + B2-LLR-II + FujiFilm X30


Finding a good tripod and ball-head for a compact camera is not the easiest thing to do. There are simply so many choices on the market today and without handling the things it’s difficult to get a real feel for their size and weight. If you travel with your camera you may well want to have a tripod with you but you sure as heck won’t want a heavy one. Small cameras also don’t handle well on large tripod and ball-head setups so it’s always worth matching your equipment carefully. The G1098 weighs in at 810 grams and is 36cm long with a max height of 130cm. It’s rated for 2KG though it feels sturdy enough to support more. The RRS BH-30 is actually not the smallest ball-head the company make but it’s the smallest that features a panning lock, which is something I always want on a ball-head. It’s 75mm high, 40mm across the base, weighs 218 grams and is rated to 6.8 KG. One thing I like about the RRS ball-heads is they suffer from ZERO slippage. I’ve had much larger ball-heads that always slipped a bit but the BH-30 is solid as a rock when locked. You’ll need a quick release clamp to quickly attach and release the camera. I use an RRS B2 LLR II but only because I already had one. You would normally use a much smaller one and there’s no reason not to purchase one of the cheaper versions sold from China. The combo, then, gives you a very sturdy tripod setup with a total weight of around 1KG and a size small enough to pop in your day-pack. Indoors for studio type work it’s steady enough for a compact camera like the FujiFilm X30 but be sure to use a cable release or wireless release. I have both the JJC ES628F3 and the JJC MA-R. The last thing you’ll want to look at is a base plate or L plate. I prefer an L plate, personally. This is the one I use and how I modified it to better work with the FujiFilm X30. Here’s a better shot of the RRS BH-30 ball-head.