1964 Rolex Gilt Dial 5513 with “ghost” insert

I’ve just received my gilt dial 5513 Sub back from having the two bezels I have for it adjusted (tightened). I hate bezels that are a little slack and now they’re both spot on! I own two bezels for this one to make it easy to change between inserts. These inserts are expensive and you’d be better off not changing them back and forth too often so to keep them nice I have one in each bezel and can change them in literally seconds. The inserts are both totally different.. One is in near perfect shape but still has that vintage fade to it and the other is known as a “ghost” insert because the fading is extreme, leaving it a silver/grey colour. The ghost insert is, in my opinion, THE one to use if you like having your gilt Sub on a nice dark leather strap, in my case a bridle leather strap made specially for this watch. On a bracelet, however, IMO it looks a bit washed out. Here it is on the bridle leather.

1964 Rolex Gilt Dial 5513 with ghost insert