Footprint Bridle Leather Wrist Strap With Swivel Attachment

Postie arrived early this morning. 2013 seems to have brought us a new one and whilst he always shows up with a big grin on his face I think he might be dumb, or at very least, speech impaired as in the four times he’s thus far knocked my door he’s yet to say a word to me; he just grunts and points at where he wants me to sign. Still, he’s a happy chappy, brutally efficient and may have similar OCDs to me as he always seems to turn up at exactly the same time every morning! I didn’t expect a package this morning so I was surprised when the door bell rang and the not so talkative postman thrust his little book forward for a jolly good signing. Slightly confused, I loafed off into the kitchen with my unexpected padded envelope and opened it with some interest. Inside was a small bridle leather strap, just big enough to slip over my hand and with the same swivel attachment as found on the Footprint neck strap I’d received a few days ago. I was still confused, though, as I hadn’t ordered a wrist strap or anything else for that matter. I put one eye to the opening of the envelope and stared inside. At the bottom was a little card which I quickly extracted. “Just by the way of a ‘thank you’, Clive”, it read. I immediately liked Clive when we spoke on the telephone when ordering my neck strap. I really, really liked him now!! 🙂

Sooo, I wasn’t planning on reviewing anything today but it’s Friday afternoon, I’ve finished most of my tasks for the week, I’m self-employed and my wife is still at work so what’s to stop me?!! (click on any of the images below for a larger version)


The strap Clive sent me is the Dark Havana, exactly the same as the neck strap, so it all matches perfectly. It’s made from the same 3/8″ robust bridle leather which really does give it a quality feel and look.


The thread again is the same ultra-strong waxed thread used on the neck strap and it really does give the impression that it will last a lifetime if looked after. It also uses the same swivel attachment which allows it turn freely through a constant 360 degrees in either direction. This may sound like a bit of a gimmick but in truth it’s extremely handy and makes handling the camera with the strap in place far easier.


What the wrist strap does have that the neck strap doesn’t is an extra O ring at the base of the thread where it opens out into a loop. This helps prevent unnecessary stress on the thread and also helps to maintain the loop shape (at least that’s what I imagine it’s purpose to be..). One thing I like about Clive’s straps is the little embossed foot print. It’s this kind of attention to detail that makes a product feel a bit special and the Footprint straps do feel.. well.. a bit special. Size-wise, I have about average hands for a man and the strap fits snugly over without any fuss but once on you do need to pull it off as it hugs your hand and wrist quite nicely, making it feel very secure. If you’ve got hands like a pound of sausages, however, you might want to have a quick word with Clive when ordering and maybe ask for a slightly larger loop or you may find yourself carrying your X100 with you everywhere, whether you want to or not..


And with that I believe I may now own the world’s most pimped FujiFilm X100! 
Let’s see what it’s now got in place:

1. Luigi’s Half Case with Grip
2. Luigi’s Battery/SD Card Case
3. Footprint Neck/Shoulder Strap
4. Footprint Wrist Strap
5. Screen Protector
6. Thumbs Up Thumb Grip
7. Red Soft Release Button
8. FujiFilm OEM Lens Hood
9. 49-52mm Step-up Ring
10. B&W Filters (Skylight, UV, Circ Pol)

And finally a Really Right Stuff BX100 tripod bases plate, L Plate and Grip.

I’m still on the fence regarding the wide angle 28mm conversion lens but I might have to give it a try in the not too distant future.

Did I miss anything?? 🙂

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