FujiFilm X30 & The Zippo Case Strap Pouch!


There are few things I find more enjoyable than pimping a new camera! BUT.. I do like to up-cycle when possible and I do like to be original when the mood takes. My previous X100 sported a stunning LeicaTime half case which came with a small bespoke battery and card case that very handily sat proudly on the strap. I desperately wanted a similar pouch for my X30 setup but didn’t want to spend $100 nor wait a month to get it. After much head scratching it suddenly occurred to me that I’d bought an old vintage Zippo case a few years ago for about $5 on eBay UK. Made from black bridle leather it’s a lovely little case so I immediately fetched it and tried it for size. It was the perfect fit for an NP95 battery and an SD card!!! Bullseye! Not only that, it had the perfect horizontal slit on the back side to allow it to slide neatly on to my Footprint strap and it was tight enough to hold it firmly in place whilst I walked. I was totally stunned. I hadn’t dared believe it would work quite that well! So if you want the perfect strap pouch for an X series FujiFilm that uses NP95 batteries, go find an old Zippo case on the ‘Bay!