FujiFilm X30 L Bracket Battery/Card Access Modification


Having recently found a suitable L Bracket for the X30, I was please I now had a good, stable tripod set-up. Whilst shooting with it, however, the lack of access to the battery/card compartment became a real chore. Unfortunately, the position of the adjuster holes did not allow the bracket to be adjusted in such a way (from either side) as to allow access to that compartment whilst keeping the Gariz half case in situ, which was seriously frustrating. The half case is great looking but it also serves well to protect the underside of the camera, which is the part most likely to take wear and tear from daily normal use. Not wishing to give up on the bracket or the case, I set about working out how I could modify the combo to work.


If you look at the bracket carefully in the picture above, you’ll see at the top what looks like a slot to attach a strap or similar. Beneath that are three holes. If one of those holes could have been utilised as a locking hole then no mod would have been required. Unfortunately, they will not accommodate the locking screw and so are useless for this purpose. The slot next to those holes, shown below, allows the compartment door to open 2/3s of the way but not enough to access or remove either the battery or the card.. The solution is to take a dremel and remove the upper bar that forms that camera strap slot. Once done, the battery/card door can open to 95%, which is plenty to allow full access to the compartment.


When the L Bracket sits in this position the upright is positioned around 18mm from the camera. This might not look as pleasing as when it’s tight up against the side but in practice it works really well as it provides a very useful grip whilst framing the shot on the tripod. When using the camera in portrait mode this gap causes zero problems with vibration of the likes as the X30 is simply too light for it to make a difference as long as you’re using a shutter release.