From time to time my personal collection of watches changes and evolves. Some people enjoy watches with WABI..they call it “patina”.. dings, scratches and all. I’m not one of those people. Only watches of the highest grade will ever enter my collection. I love vintage watches but I want vintage watches that for all intense and purposes are in similar condition to how they once left the AD. That doesn’t mean polished out of shape, it means all original and close to mint condition with nothing but a light polish. Because of this all watches that eventually leave my collection will be in the same condition. The watches below are not being sold to make a profit; they are simply examples from my personal collection that I will normally sell for what I paid for them and re-invest the resulting revenue into new watches.

Omega 166.0250 Seamaster 120 “Baby PloProf

This watch is in NOS shape and absolutely stunning. Here you get the best of both worlds with the vintage look but parts and seals that actually work so you don’t need to be afraid to dive in this one and you can still tell what time it is throughout the night.
Price – £SOLD

Omega 166.0250 Seamaster 120

Please note: the OEM Omega mesh pictured is not included in the sale. The watch will come on a vintage-look rubber strap. The mesh bracelet can be purchased with the watch via negotiation.

Please contact me for further information.

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