Flags Go Up, Flags Go Down.. And They’re Off!

The FujiFilm X100 arrived with me yesterday and after some fiddling, cursing and reading today she sprang into life! And as the images began to roll off my SD card (after downloading Adobe DNG Converter 6.4, of course..yawn..) a big smile began to spread across my face. I’m not sure about later versions but Photoshop CS4 Raw Plugin will not recognise the native .NAF X100 RAW files so they need to be converted first into .DNG format and then into whichever format you prefer; not a biggy but an extra step I’d prefer not to have. The results, however, more than made up for the extra fiddle! I’ve promised to walk through my journey with this little camera and so here is the first image that rolled off the card. (Click any of the images for 1200 pixel version)


The little 35mm (equivalent) f=2 Fujinon lens is fast making indoor lowlight shots like this a breeze. I mounted the X100 on my small travel tripod, set the aperture to f2, shutter speed to 4 and kept the ISO at 200. ZERO post processing has been applied to this image apart from a slight crop, not even sharpening or colour correction. This is exactly how the shot left the camera and it’s exactly what I saw when taking the shot. The light, colours, everything is spot on and when a camera feels that in synch with your brain you know you’re going to have some fun together!

The shutter on this lens is virtually silent, as can be witnessed by my dog above, who blissfully slept through the shoot until I deliberately mentioned his favourite food quite loudly, at which point his body remained perfectly still but a pair of eyes emerged..


Had this been my Nikon D300s with 17-55mm f2.8 attached that dog would have done a summersault. With the unobtrusive X100 pointed at him he didn’t seem in the slightest bit bothered and it took me virtually yelling his favourite food at him in a very theatrical tone to illicit this slightly interested pair of ears..