EOD Robotics Pocket Grappling Hook


Well, everyone needs a grappling hook, right? OK, maybe not but I do have a legitimate reason (excuse) for purchasing this one. I’m a member of a local fishing club and we maintain a five hundred yard stretch of a small river. I’ve spent some time recently clearing overhanging branches from one stretch and that should finally allow spinners to be cast a reasonable distance and retrieved with ease. I have one problem left: there are some small logs and branches in the water itself which I can’t quite get to. Queue the grappling hook…


I looked at a few alternatives but it was the EOD Robotics one that was the right size and strength needed for the job. I wanted something which could easily slot into my EDC bag but not something so small it was unlikely to snag the kind of branches that needed removing and at 5.5 inches long this one seemed to fit the bill nicely. EOD does produce two smaller version, the Micro and Pico but they’re fairly diddy.
As you can see above, the spikes live inside the main tube and simply fall into your hand as you open the top. Made from top grade aluminium it’s very nicely finished and good quality. To assemble the hook you simply remove the three spikes, screw them into the three threaded holes near the base of the tube and re-attach the top. Takes all of a minute and you’re done. Each spike thread is topped with a small rubber O-ring, so the spikes very effectively seal the tube against water.


My second usage for this will be for retrieving spinning lures that have snagged in the river bottom. I’ve read of fishermen using grappling hooks to de-snag lures before and I’m hoping this one will save me a few bob. If it works it won’t take many rescued lures for it to fairly quickly pay for itself.


The only down side to these hooks is that no-one in the UK or Europe appears to sell them. I found one UK site who used to but they appear to have discontinued the line. County Comm in the US, who distribute these, have still not dragged themselves out of the dark ages and flatly refuse to address their envelopes to anywhere outside the lower 48, which in this day and age is rather abysmal but there you have it. They will post an item to USGOBuy who in turn will ship the item on to you but you’ll need to sign up for an account and pay them for their added service. I ended up paying through the nose for one off eBay US, simply because it avoided the hassle. Heinnie do carry a couple of smaller incarnations of this hook but for me they were too small.
Finally, the text engraved on the side of the tube infers that you shouldn’t use this hook for hauling yourself over walls and the like. That text undoubtedly covers the backsides of those who produce and sell this product but there are reports that it’s been tested with the weight of a 270 lb man and more than lived up to the job. I’m not sure I’ll try swinging over the river with it but might let my son have a go… Well recommended if you can find one to buy!