EDC Gear CNC Aluminum Survival Kit Waterproof Storage Capsule – AKA UK Coin Wallet


This is an interesting bit of kit and not expensive, either. The Solid Design Slim Wallet is great for carrying cards and notes but it doesn’t help with coins…


This little tube comes out of China and is sold as a “survival capsule” complete with a rather daft set of matches, sewing kit and some ear-buds. The kit inside is more novelty than survival and is the kind of stuff you’d find in a Christmas cracker but…


…the tube itself is good quality, anodised aluminium, it’s fully water-proof (via a rubber O ring seal) and it just happens to be the perfect size to accommodate £1 coins and 20 pence pieces and any coins of the same size or smaller. 10ps and 50s won’t fit but nowadays I tend to use coins for one of two things: parking meters and supermarket trolleys and for those the most useful coins are £1s and 20s.


Most days I carry a black 5.11 Tactical Rush MOAB 6 shoulder bag with all my essential EDC stuff in it. This little tube takes up no space at all and saves me scratching round in the bottom or the bag (or my pockets) for loose coins. These are available with various branding but the cheapest way to buy one (or two… I have another that accommodates my tooth-picks) is to buy direct from China. This eBay seller stocks them and although the shipping is about three to four weeks, it’s free and gets here eventually. At £4.57 ($8 US) shipped it’s hard to beat and I’ve seen branded versions of the exact same capsule selling for £20-£45 and upwards. A 5 star bit of kit in my book!