Domke F-5XB Small Shoulder Bag

If you’re anything like me you’ve never given your wife a hard time about the number of handbags that over-populate her wardrobe. Why? Because you probably have just as many photo bags and other canvass and leather transportable goodies. I was introduced to Domke bags back in the 90s. I spent two decades of my life travelling and working around the globe and needed a bag for my photo equipment that could take a severe beating and still look the part. I also wanted something that didn’t look like a standard photo bag as I knew beady eyes were constantly scanning me, especially in countries where the colour of my skin didn’t quite match that of the general population. When others used backpacks for travelling I’d long since learnt that a sports bag thrown casually across the shoulder attracted far less attention and made me considerably less of a target. In fact, in over 20 years I managed to avoid being robbed or mugged in close to 40 different countries. At the time I was using a Leica M6 TTL and had three or four lenses and a flash to accompany it. A good friend who was also well travelled showed me his Domke F-6 made from ballistic nylon and immediately I knew that was what I’d been looking for and within a day one was winging it’s way west from the US. Since that day my photo equipment has been entrusted to no other brand but Domke and I’m guessing things will stay that way. I’ve since purchased an F-2, an F-1X and I still have my trusty F-6, so when I recently purchased the Fujifilm X100 it was time to do a bit of research and see which bag would suit. I decided to be a bit more open-minded with this purchase so I diligently read up about a plethora of bags from several manufacturers as this market area is not short of makes and models. After a week of reading, however, it was a Domke which, once again, seemed to cater to my exact requirements.. Read the full review to find out which one.


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