Bound In Chains


I feel prompted to put my experience from Sunday (17/03/13) into words as I didn’t have the time to properly explain this picture during the service. Never before have I been shown a picture in such a way, nor with anything like the clarity, detail and clear message as this one held. I wasn’t thinking of anything in particularly related to the picture at the time when it was literally placed before eyes, blocking all else in the church and taking me temporarily away from the service. I’ve been given pictures before but never have they filled my mind in such an all consuming manner, nor have I been literally ordered to share that picture.

The picture was of an arena, the floor of which was light sand. To the left and middle stood six people (I won’t say “men” as that wasn’t made clear) in a line. All were bound in chains with their hands chained and out in front of them. To the SW of them, a few yards away, Jesus stood looking at them. Behind them was a large crowd of probably several hundred.


I recognised myself as one of the 6 but no-one else. I’m sure the other 5 know who they are. As Jesus looked at the 6 standing there a tear rolled down his cheek. The crowd behind seemed both unsympathetic and apathetic and gave a feeling of both mocking and complacent disinterest all at the same time. Jesus’ hand reached out towards the line of six and they looked at him. As their eyes met a look of anger and remorse spread across the faces of those in the line. Each one breathed in and seemingly flexed their muscles, at which point the chains began to fall away and as the last one fell the picture ended and I found myself back in the service listening to once again. The look on the face of Jesus was not one of condemnation or judgement. It was sadness and grace. The anger that spread across the face of the 6 was an anger inspired by Jesus, as if to say: “Right! Enough is enough! We’re coming to you, Jesus!”

I was clear what the Lord saying to me personally. He’d clearly highlighted something I already knew quite well and also shown me what to do about it and that the time to do it was now. However, as I sat enjoying a peace that had fallen over me He instructed me in no uncertain terms to bring that picture to the congregation as that picture was not for me alone.