Whilst I use my cameras as tools to get a job done, I like them to look and feel “just so”. As a result, when I bought my Luigi half case and the Footprint strap for my Fuji X100 there was one thing that was still bothering me: the lens cap. First off I came up with the solution of a metal screw-in cap which screwed into the filter. That worked well as the cap sat just inside the end of the lens hood and didn’t add any length to it whilst still offering good protection when in my bag. The only problem was, as many on the forums had suggested, it was a wee bit fiddly, particularly with the keeper thread in place and took a few more seconds than I’d like to remove and replace. One forum member had used a 58mm cap straight into the lens hood which worked but did add length and bulk to the set-up, something which I didn’t want. Here’s what I came up with.


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