1990 Omega Speedmaster 175.0032 Reduced

I think when you’ve been collecting watches for many years it becomes increasingly difficult to become impressed by new additions.. I’m often a tad underwhelmed by some of the watches I’ve purchased over the years and those ones get quickly moved on and the search begins again. Not too long ago I owned an Omega Speedy 376.0822 “Grail” and I loved it. Stupidly, I eventually moved it on for no other reason than wanting to cull a collection that was getting too large. After owning that one I wondered if I could ever buy another Speedy model but I was determined to try. A Broad Arrow came and went and my doubts grew stronger. I then had a chance to pick up a 175.0032 Reduced version. It wasn’t one I’d come across before in the flesh but it was reasonably priced so I went ahead and bought it. The watch needs a fair bit of work to get the movement back into pristine condition but having now handled and worn the watch I just know it’s going to be well worth doing. Here she is in her totally unrestored state:

Omega Speedmaster Reduced

The dial and hands are beautiful, as is the case and bracelet now I’ve given it about an hour of my time with a scrubbing brush. So in a couple of weeks it will be heading off to Duncan @ Genesis Watchmaking for a full service and restoration and I can’t wait to get back a watch that has been one of the few in latter years to really spark my attention and get me a little excited.