FootPrint Straps – Old Fashioned British Bridle Leather Meets Hand Made Italian Passionata

Yesterday my new Luigi Half Case arrived and I reviewed it here. Today a strap arrived that I was beginning to think would be surplus to requirements as Luigi’s cases come bundled with a beautiful strap and shoulder pad. My only gripe with Luigi’s strap is that it could be a tad longer. It’s about 40 inches long and sits just proud of where I’d ideally like it to sit, which is with the top of the X100’s dial in line with the middle of the belt on my trousers when the strap is worn diagonally from right shoulder to left hip. Knowing this, I’d ordered the Footprint bridle leather strap in 45 inch length and that turned out to be pretty much spot on for my 5′ 11″ frame. Read the full review here.


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