Trapped In A Raindrop – Now Published In Both “The Telegraph” & “The Guardian”

Soft Or Sharp? (Fuji X-T1 – Laowa 60mm f/28 Ultra Macro)


I’m currently working on my post processing and trying to establish my own “signature” PP using Photoshop, Iridient Developer, Zerene Stacker and a few others along with various plugin PS software. With regard to small things such as tiny flowers, insects etc.. my personal preference is generally for a searingly sharp final image. I want to see as much detail as possible! However, for the mass population viewing the images, probably only a small percentage have my exact same tastes. Many, instead, prefer the images to be as natural as possible, showing something near to what the eye sees. Others prefer a soft-focus approach giving a more “dreamy” rendition. There’s no right or wrong here, it’s all personal taste and at the end of the day, whatever the photographer intended is how the final image should look. Above and below are two images “developed” almost identically but the first one has been deliberately rendered “soft” as a final edit using Topaz Soft Focus 1. The question is: which do you prefer? Answers on a post card, please! (As usual, click on the images to bring up a larger, hi-res version but do, please, respect my copyright).


Test Shot – Helios 44m-4 f/2 58mm

Tickled Pink - Helios 44m-4 f/2 58mm

£40 shipped for this lens and it delivers results that lenses in the +£1k mark deliver and because it’s design is flawed you’re in for some exciting DOF/bokeh! What this little lens is famous for is the unusual “orb” bokeh that it delivers due to an optical failing in the design. This not a great image but I took it simply to demonstrate the unusual effect. This orb effect is much loved by Helios enthusiasts and has given the lens a real cult following.

6mm Mold Spore – Laowa 60mm f/2.8 Ultra Macro @ 2:1

Helios 44m-4 f/2 58mm

Catawba Rhododendron – Helios 44m-4 f/2 58mm

Allium – Helios 44m-4 f/2 58mm

Allium – Carl Zeiss Jena DDR Sonnar MC f/3.5 135mm Electric

The Magnificent Magic Of Bubbles

The Bubble! Looking @ You Looking @ Me!

Petals After The rain

Trapped In A Raindrop – Just Published In “The Telegraph”

Hallucinogenic Buttercup – Laowa 60mm UM @ f/16

1 Image, 4 Different PPs: But Which Do You Prefer?

Idiot Macro Photographer Tries To Photograph Birds With An Old MF Carl Zeiss Lens..

Blue Tit Feeding It's Young - Carl Zeiss Jena Sonnar Electric 135mm f/3.5

I don’t do bird photography. I’d like to as I love birds and animals but presently I’m 95% macro and my lenses are appropriate to that. I own one AF lens and that’s the Fuji 18-55mm for general photography. So, when I decided to record the Blue Tits in our old bird box, I had one lens that “might” work: an ancient Carl Zeiss Jena Sonnar Electric 135mm f/3.5 which I bought to use as a tube lens for a microscope objective together with my Fuji X-T1. This was never going to end well, was it?

Blue Tit Feeding It's Young - Carl Zeiss Jena Sonnar Electric 135mm f/3.5

Probably not, no but photography doesn’t always have to be about exotic, beautifully framed images. Sometimes you just want a decent record to show your little son or wife.

Blue Tit Feeding It's Young - Carl Zeiss Jena Sonnar Electric 135mm f/3.5

And if that’s your goal, even an old MF lens from the 80s will capture some enjoyable shots! Well, my 7 y/o thinks so, anyways.